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Each abstract includes links to an MP3 audio file and Quicktime video file of the presentation, as well as a PDF and JPG slideshow of the PowerPoint slides used.

Opening Address –
"What is this Infamous 'Wildlife/Livestock Interface?': A Review of Current Knowledge on the Subject"

– Richard Kock

The State of Play

"Transfrontier Conservation Area Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Animal Health Challenges"
– Roy Bengis

"Diseases of Importance at the Wildlife/Livestock Interface in Kenya"
– Elizabeth Wambwa

"Relevance of ROSELT/OSS Programme in Maintaining the Ecological Integrity of Protected Areas and Surrounding Lands"
– Jesse Njoka

"The Influence of Veterinary Control Fences on Certain Wild Large Mammal Species in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia"
– Rowan B. Martin

"Wildlife, Livestock and Food Security in the South-East Lowveld of Zimbabwe"
– David H. M. Cumming

Perspectives on Pathogens

"Tuberculosis – What Makes it an Ideal Disease for the Interface?"
– Anita L. Michel

"Bovine Tuberculosis in the African Buffalo: The Role of Population Models"
– Wayne M. Getz, Paul C. Cross, Anna E. Jolles, James O. Lloyd-Smith, Sadie J. Ryan, Peter W. J. Baxter, Justine Bowers, Craig T. Hay, Christiane Knechtel, Craig J. Tambling, Wendy C. Turner and J. T. du Toit

"Experiences and Challenges of Wildlife Health Management in National Parks of Tanzania"
– Titus Mlengeya and Vitalis Lyaruu

"Control Options for Human Sleeping Sickness in Relation to the Animal Reservoir of Disease"
– Susan C. Welburn, K. Picozzi, J. Fyfe, E. Fèvre, M. Odiit, M.C. Eisler and P.G. Coleman

"Rinderpest Surveillance in Uganda National Parks"
– Chris S. Rutebarika

"Virus Topotypes and the Role of Wildlife in Foot and Mouth Disease in Africa"
– Wilna Vosloo, A. D. S. Bastos, M. Sahle, O. Sangare and R. M. Dwarka

"The Impact of Disease on Endangered Carnivores"
– Craig Packer

"Veterinary Challenges Regarding the Utilization of the Kafue Lechwe (Kobus leche kafuensis) in Zambia"
– Victor M. Siamudaala, J.B. Muma, H.M Munang’andu and M. Mulumba (talk delivered by Misheck Mulumba)

Challenges and Opportunities – Within and Out of the Box

"The Health Paradigm and Disease Control: Consideration of the Health of Ecosystems and Impacts on Human Health and Rural Livelihoods"
– Michael D. Kock

"Conservancies: Integrating Wildlife Land-Use Options into the Livelihood, Development, and Conservation Strategies of Namibian Communities"
– Chris Weaver

"'Counting Sheep': The Comparative Advantages of Wildlife and Livestock – A Community Perspective"
– Michael J. Murphree

"Foot and Mouth Disease Management and Land-Use Implications in the Zimbabwean Lowveld: the Rationale for Creating a Biosphere Reserve"
– Raoul Du Toit

"Protected Areas, Human Livelihoods and Healthy Animals: Ideas for Improvements in Conservation and Development Interventions"
– Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

"Impacts and Value of Wildlife in Pastoral Livestock Production Systems in Kenya"
– Fumi Mizutani and Elizabeth Muthiani

"A Regional / Community Approach to Conservation and Development Interventions at the Livestock / Wildlife Interface"
– George Gitau

"Complementarity Between Community-Based Animal Health Delivery Systems and Community-Based Wildlife Management? An Analysis of Experiences Linking Animal Health to Conflict Management in Pastoralist Areas of the Horn of Africa"
– Tim Leyland and Richard Grahn

"Introduction of Foot-and-Mouth Disease-Infected Buffalo into the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe: Success or Failure?"
– Chris Foggin and G. Connear

"The Disease-Free Buffalo Breeding Project of the State Veterinary Services and South African National Parks"
– Markus Hofmeyr

"Control of Domestic Dog Diseases in Protected Area Management and the Conservation of Endangered Carnivores"
– Karen Laurenson, Titus Mlengeya, Fekadu Shiferaw, Sarah Cleaveland

"Impacts of Wildlife Infections on Human and Livestock Health with Special Reference to Tanzania: Implications for Protected Area Management"
– Sarah Cleaveland, Karen Laurenson, Titus Mlengeya

"Synergies Between Livestock Husbandry and Wildlife Conservation in Southern Province, Zambia"
– Dale Lewis

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